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Radio Grupo Internacional Gavilan are a group of friends who are in the world since we founded the International Group in 1978 Gavilan born in Caracas and work all amateur radio bands, we are still active Radio hawk international group with the aim and purpose of promoting democratic balance between rights and duties of social responsibility in the radio service which broadcasts general peace, të drejtat e njeriut, kulturë, arsim, shëndetin dhe zhvillimin social. Në mënyrë të konsiderueshme, it is public service, where guarantees respect for freedom of expression and information, without censorship within the limits typical of a democratic and social state of law and justice. Our station is at the service of the community where we have worked hard to bring our air station and disseminate our work in different places in the Greater Caracas and through this medium worldwide. We are the North Radio FM 100.5 “The station you take the information and good music” Na gjeni në Ceiba rrugë n. 17 The Madhouse, Caracas. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Official website of Radio Grupo Internacional Gavilan is
Radio Grupo Internacional Gavilan
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