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From the 24-hour broadcast, 90.7 UTYFM Medari comes with local and foreign music quality from the 90, millennium, until today’s music trends. me 24 Hour airs, 90.7 UTYFM Medari more freely serve listeners from over 18-35 vjet, divided into broadcast Hours 6:00 në 01:00 format station contains the young, and the hours 01:00 në 5:30 Nuance Releases la culture “Ngayogyakarta”, with a target audience Adult / General.

Medari UTYFM 90.7 – Hits Nonstop … !!! Emitted directly from Jl. Km.15 Medari Sleman Yogyakarta Magelang, now reaching all districts and cities in DIY, Magelang, Wonosobo, Purworejo East, and the majority of Klaten.

Medari UTYFM 90.7 – Hits Nonstop … !!! Always give the best Hits, Hits Ter-tasty, and Famous Hits, with the quality of the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 standard International Broadcast.

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Uty FM Medari
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