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Emitted by the pants and frappe at hand, from the living room .. like old !!

Zbutsam LogoZbutsam Logothe “zmpoutsam” project begins and takes shape … but what is?
an internet radio and more .. a company that creates and reconstituted by adding new members ..

Thessaloniki , London UK , Bolton UK , Komotini , Athinë, Munchen DE is the emission cities, without musical boundaries, no playlists, scented pirate radio of the 70’s and 80’s in the new era!

what offers the menu for now:
you can listen to music from the right .. 24 hours 24-hour, 7 ditë në javë ..
every working day, made ​​some broadcasts from terrestrial radio. Zakonisht 7-10 jam, 1-3 pm dhe 10-1 in the evening .. Tune .. The voices are the gang, from the old ….
you can leave us your enthusiastic comments on the shoutbox which we read when we broadcast ..

Zbutsam Radio official website address is

Zbutsam Radio
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