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10Radio broadcasts 24/7 from studios in Wiveslicombe, Somerset. naše
programmes include a live Breakfast Show every Monday to Friday 7-9am and
sometimes on Saturday 8-10am. We provide a diverse range of music, komedija
and talk shows weekday evenings, and great all-round entertainment at the
weekends. The rest of the time you can listen to repeats of earlier shows
or to our unique ‘shuffle’ glasbe.

10Radio is broadcast from the people to the people – it is entirely owned
and run voluntarily by the local community.

10Radio transmits on 105.3FM from a hill-top near our Studio in the small
Somerset town of Wiveliscombe. Our signal covers a wide area and can also
be heard well in the local large towns.

10Radio uradni spletni naslov 10radio.org

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