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Leta 1992 it set up Help Ministries Foundation Romania.
Leta 1993 it established Sc. H & H Media Romania. Also this year it receives radio license for Ploiesti.
Leta 1994 begin work on the tower and antenna studios.
Leta 1995 at October 1 start broadcasting normal, 18 ur.
Od 1999 to January 28, start broadcasting 24 hours of 24.
Od 1999 begins relaying BBC programs in Romanian language.
Ker 2008 when they interrupted a BBC broadcasts in Romanian, began working with Radio Romania News.
Ker 2009 the weight of supporting SOS Radio station is on the shoulders of listeners in Romania. For financial support from the American partners we stopped believing that Radio SOS are mature enough to finance themselves, starting an adventure of faith for all who are involved in this work.

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