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Glasba, news and columns, ampak tudi tekmovanja, predogled, and special surveys. Rtt Radio is a sound universe that travels into the ether and on the web to offer its listeners a mix of emotions and sound information updated in real time.

RTTFor more than 35 let, the frequencies that via Zanella run all over the Trentino and the High-Adige, the issuer punctuates every day in the region with a fast pace of big hits. To quote our slogan: “the classics of yesterday, the hits of today.”

The careful selection of music is constantly punctuated by the “blitz” of information by our editorial staff, ready to update regularly the territory with news devoted to local news: politika, ekonomije, tekoče zadeve, športi, culture and entertainment are concentrated in three minutes of news dedicated to the region.

Vsako uro, the other categories and “pills” informative talk about the best national and international information, without neglecting traffic updates and weather.

Twenty-four hours of emotions that accompany you from the “Coffee, glasba & novice” for a good morning in the early morning in the company’s press release to the notes of the weekend with “Supersound” to round off the week.

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