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From the 24-hour broadcast, 90.7 UTYFM Medari comes with local and foreign music quality from the 90, millennium, until today’s music trends. s 24 Hour airs, 90.7 UTYFM Medari more freely serve listeners from over 18-35 let, divided into broadcast Hours 6:00 da 01:00 format station contains the young, and the hours 01:00 da 5:30 Nuance Releases la culture “Ngayogyakarta”, with a target audience Adult / General.

Medari UTYFM 90.7 – Hits Nonstop … !!! Emitted directly from Jl. Km.15 Medari Sleman Yogyakarta Magelang, now reaching all districts and cities in DIY, Magelang, Wonosobo, Purworejo East, and the majority of Klaten.

Medari UTYFM 90.7 – Hits Nonstop … !!! Always give the best Hits, Hits Ter-tasty, and Famous Hits, with the quality of the MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 standard International Broadcast.

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UTY FM Medari
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