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What is 7.7 Радио, in addition to a means of communication that pursues the Holy Grail of understanding in the region? What do we want then? A plural radio, imaginative, that says things by their names, that does not spread the insularism or the banners of radicalism, that serves as a bridge of understanding on the bases of dialogue, of discrepancy as well, of contradiction also and of visions opposed. We will not run away from a good fight, on the contrary, we will “go headlong” towards him, but do not ask us to describe a world of good and bad, of black and white colors, that kind of realities that ignorance feeds .

Контактная информация:
Calle Tomas Miller, 36
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Вызов +34 928 46 50 60
7.7 Радио адрес веб-сайта 7punto7radio.com

Страна: Spain


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