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Radio Television Kragujevac day-long broadcast radio and television program that is dedicated to the public interest and the promotion of democratic values.
After an independent editorial policy, but also for its programming, personnel and technical resources, RTK is a media leader of Central Serbia and essential public service Sumadije.
Radio Television Kragujevac is an independent media service to serve the citizens of Kragujevac and Sumadije that viewers and listeners with objective news and information, and produces and broadcasts high quality televizijiski and radio program, with a number of talk shows, variety of genres and professionally produced.
The only media house in central Serbia, which has a license to broadcast radio and television programs at the regional level.
Он был основан на 18 Январь 1970 when it was first released on the air signal of Radio Kragujevac, И в 1996 he went on the air TV signal and Kragujevac.
In recent years, special attention is paid to the quality of the programs, training of personnel and procurement of studio and broadcasting equipment.

Radio Kragujevac official website address is www.rtk.co.rs

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