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В июне 26, 2014, 91.5 Big Radio finished its airing following three years. It was supplanted by 91.5 Выиграйте Радио, which used to be publicized on 107.5 for as far back as couple of years (the 107.5 recurrence is currently Wish 1075). A couple of days earlier, Luzon surrendered as EVP of PBC. Its projects and DJs (a couple from the first Win Radio) were debuted last June 27, 2014.
Last January 2015, Win Radio moved its workplaces and studios from AIC Gold Tower to its present home at Summit One Tower. The transmitter in the mean time was likewise moved from Antipolo City to the Summit One Tower housetop a couple of a great many.

91.5 Win Radio official website address is www.winradio.com.ph

Страна: Puerto Rico



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