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Working Communications Association, Непал, is working in pure social sector in the overall communication of the district about us . This community is established and this community radio radio exit is operational 9 3.4 МГц. Makwanpurel is also shared with the public. As per the aim of achieving the goals in community scope, this radio has been focused on broadcasting free and social programs only. The main goal of this radio is to advocate a debate in the common context for the society.
Empowering the importance of communication in today’s era, efficient and experienced radio workers are working on this radio set up by the resources and resources of the district to promote the communication of the district. We have assured the clean goal of making financial income according to the objectives encouraging the business that has not failed in the lack of publicity in the district. By giving access to information accessible, we will speak the voice of all district dwellers.

Radio Nikas website address is

Radio Nikas
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