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In characterizing Kenya’s legacy and legacy the force, responsive and consistent Radio Taifa is the reference point. The station cuts over all sexual orientations, ages, class stratification and fringes. We are the main radio station with a national scope accessible on four stages i.e medium wave, FM-, the web and satellite.

Brand Radio Taifa dispatched its transmissions in 1953 having been hived off English administration which heretofore was a piece of the pilgrim endeavors to illuminate the national publics on the post war circumstance in Kenya. The station was then known as Kenya Broadcasting administration Kiswahili. This station has advanced through the times and lived to its charging as both the national station transmitting its flag past the fringes. All through its lifetime, Radio Taifa has changed itself to meet perpetually changing crowd requests. Through the times we have transmitted on different frequencies at first short wave, then consolidated short wave and medium wave before introducing the completely clear FM. We however still keep up the Medium Wave recurrence transmission in chose parts of the nation whose territory and geology can just handle motions on a Medium wave stage. We are adapted towards transmitting on the totally computerized stage by 2015. Past brand names for the station were Sauti ya Kenya, Idhaa ya Taifa and now Radio Taifa.

Radio Taifa website address is www.kbc.co.ke

Страна: Kenya


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