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CIWN FM is another group radio station in Mount Forest, Онтарио, Canada, which will communicate at 88.7 МГц (FM-) with a compelling emanated energy of 1,648 Вт (non-directional reception apparatus with a successful stature of recieving wire better than expected landscape of 73.1 meters). The new station, to be claimed by Saugeen Community Radio, was conceded endorsement by the CRTC on September 17, 2013.
Flag testing started in September 2015 and the ‘go live’ date was November 23 2015. The station’s first challenge was to have audience members propose a name. The mind-boggling winning name was the River. From December 22rd 2015 CIWN is presently known as 88.7 Река.
88.7 The River website address is www.887theriver.ca

Страна: Canada


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