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CENTRO SUONO “I LOVE MUSIC”: your music, your city, radio!

All music more beautiful, with open minds of genres or styles, but marked by a unique discriminating: emotionality. Unmistakable style “gold” Music precious CENTER SOUND, the real radio city, which advises you and accompanies you in every event that takes place in Rome and Lazio. Centrul de sunet, rewards the loyalty of listeners each day, with lots of prizes, you just click to call and I like to listen to the first 06 2598435 the fastest wins !!

The management is entrusted to the voices of Susy B, Emanuele Strano Carocci, Hannibal Grasso, Federica Elmi, Daria Baietti, Antonio and Massimiliano.

Informații, advice, Art and Culture with our city, “Rome” and its events.

Viabilities every hour, prizes, free tickets for free to experience the city.

Centro Suono official website address is

Centrul de sunet
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