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Obraz 105.7 FM, airs on May 14, 2003, w 10 pm, from the studios that currently occupies: 13 street and Lisandro Alvarado avenues Fraternity, tocuyo – Lara state.. This idea came about twenty (20) years ago when Francisco Perez, owner director with some friends, Pan. Jaime Castillo, and young Hector Colmenarez, talking about the world of this media, Perez began as operator on the ten (10) years old at the station: “Colonial Radio”, being a connoisseur of the radial field, an issue that has proved being in front of “image Radio 105.7 FM” in these four years. Later operator obtains the certificate to the then Ministry of Transport and Communications, given the number 2801.

Obraz 105.7 Oficjalna strona FM jest adres www.imagen105fm.com

Kraj: Chile Wenezuela

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