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Syaivo FM all started like this … Three rooms, lots of wires, two employee, two pairs of hands and one head (chief). Work began January 2, 2002 … After 4 days the first to broadcast was supplied computer and just a month, range 11 pm was carried out napivsanktsionovanyy first aired. While radio was merely a worker. In February, the telephone was first tested with interactive audience. During the whole week, daripada 19 kepada 26 Februari, setiap hari, 4 hours a day radio gave his listeners a song and helped send greetings. Pada masa yang, workers were 3. Eventually radio appeared more and more people and at the moment the audience amused 7 leaders and help them to do 2 technical staff. With the advent of radio in 2004 “Glow” radically changed its face, new programs, new jingles, intros, expanded range of listeners, but it only means that we are moving forward and we will not stop any difficulties. Radio will grow and change, but only for the better, so if you hear from your radio call sign “you in the wake of 106.8 FM” – you are on the sunny waves! Stay always with us and we will share with you our glow!
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