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Radio Simya the first commercial radio stations Volyn Region.
Yang pertama (teknikal) output broadcast on 18 November 2003. For the day, the 19th of November, the station began to work at full capacity – all interactive and original projects. terrestrial frequencies – 102.4 MHz Transmitter power – 100 watts continuous consistent reception area – Luck and the radius of 30 km. format – modern popular and rock music of our day and the best hits of the 80-90s of XX century (quality pop and rock music, modern dance music, di bahagian – modern rock and alternative). Special rate – to a Ukrainian music that is 1/2 of the ether. Our students – young people are successful because regardless of age, everyone is young at heart. Informational service station offers listeners the most expeditious news, focusing on news Volyn region. LED -FM – a dynamic radio. Radio Simya stoyemo still, and always on the move! Also SiD-FM radio can be heard in any part of the world through the Internet.
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Negara: Ukraine

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