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In Barcelona, rap has its radio. Equinox Radio Raval is a big mix of French, US, Spanish and Catalan sounds. A selection of artists from the French scene who tear everything apart: Orelsan, Guy 2 Bezbar, Nekfeu, Guizmo, Booba, Brav, Lacrim, Hornet The Strike, Fianeso, Lino, Alonzo, Lorenzo, Lonepsi, Lomepal, PLK, Remi, Seth Gueko, Stick, Vald, The crew, YL and many others. Equinox Raval is also the classics of French rap from the 90s to now. The big US sounds that all the best and the best of Spanish and Catalan rap. Mala Rodriguez, Blondi, Nach and a lot of other artists to be made on Equinox Radio Raval.
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Equinox Radio Rap
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