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Toss Radio was an internet radio station which existed from 2008 to mid / m in May 2014 and founded by DJ Benzje.
Listeners could listen through the website of Radio Toss and chatting. During the day and turned in the night was mostly nonstop music. In the evening there were presented programs which were mostly made ​​live. Lebih daripada 25 DJs have created programs to Toss Radio. The music came mostly from the 60, 70, 80 dan 90.
There were also special target programs like music from the jukebox era, the offshore radio era, muzik blues, muzik tanahair, and special programs to work better album. During live-made broadcasts listeners could requests those applications which were then turned right and they could join request interactive games and music selection. According to statistics were 45% of those interested female and 55% lelaki.
The average age of the audience was between 35 dan 64 tahun.
In addition to listeners from the Netherlands there were many listeners from the United States …..

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