Novaradio Citta Futura

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Novaradio Citta Futura is the community radio dell’Arci of Florence.
Sejak 1992, penyiaran di 101.5 Mhz in the Florence metropolitan area. sejak April 25, 2009, also broadcasts on 87.8 MHz for the Mugello area.
In spring 2007, Novaradio enters the syndication of Radio Città Futura, the broadcaster of Rome.
Untied, for its Community nature, from pressure of large musical and purely economic logic publishers, Novaradio CittàFutura is a social and cultural project: Promotion of aggregation and participation, dissemination of research, experimentation and new trends, youth of self support.
It ‘a free and independent voice for the local and national information.
And ‘megaphone campaigns and initiative associations Arci.

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