M 9’21

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The Radio was born on November 26, 1995 as Maggica Fm, aimed at informing, distracting, entertaining and seeking friendship links between an entire community and a people who wanted a different alternative in broadcasting, since the beginning of their auditions M9 technology , 21 has been cutting edge, the sound it projects is first and the quality and current coverage include the entire provinces of Azuay, Canar and Su Ecuadorian east; It has a professional recording studio and there is renewal of equipment and of course technology.

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laman web: www.m921radio.com

FaceBook: m921radio

Twitter: Mggica921

e-mel: sebcre921@gmail.com

Nombor telefon: +593 98 992 1921

alamat: Mollobamba y autopista Cuenca Azogues Cuenca, Ecuador

Negara: Ecuador



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