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A group of enthusiasts decided to create BXFM the radio from Brussels that offer programs to the inhabitants: open, sometimes complex but always without offset. The city of “zinnia” lacked a radio that is made ​​for her because Brussels remained the colorful nest zwanze and Gueuze Lambic while becoming the first truly European city. BXFM will reflect this uniqueness! BXFM aims to open its micro citizens, peristiwa, artis, athletes, entrepreneurs, Eropah, all love their city organizers. Particular attention will be given to current political events and bruxello-European socio-economic. In terms of music programming, the mantra is the same: diversity. According to time slots, music BXFM stick to the “cara hidup” typical Brussels. The team BXFM will, as it should be composed of journalists and presenters are passionate about radio. It will also appeal to many scholars (sejarah, economists, political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, dan lain-lain). The team BXFM is convinced that this new project will stimulate the diversity of the radio landscape of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. BX FM official website address is
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