Volos 98.6 FM

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The station has been broadcasting since 2007 at 98.6 and is the largest in central greece. All stars are here! D. Maredis, k. Katsampekas,s. Dafekas, eveline nocturna, g. Mermigkas, v. Mastalou, k. Efstathiou, a. Mosios, v. Arethas, v. Papadopoulos, ch. Machairidis, p. Mastrogiannis, th. Filipopoulos, and many others.

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Sito web: www.volos986.gr

Contact Number: +30 2421038255

Address: Platonos 42 me Korai, 38333 , Volos – Thessalia

Country: Greece

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