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Kosiuko celebrates two decades of fashion and trend. Born 23 years ago when Cynthia Kern and her husband Federico Bonomi founded, one of the leading textile brands Argentina. In the beginning, both started selling clothes on their own, doing shows, friends, family. What started as a hobby, was transformed into a great branding project, and led them to bet played a style, from clothing textures to create the first collection.
Then it was time to choose a name for this project, which started as a dream, they decided to spin a globe and randomly took Australia.
A mount called Kosiusco, but as it sounded weird, they decided to replace an otherwise k s. The Kosiuko (oriental symbol) isotype is a Japanese letter inverted means land. Then was an international name with oriental logo and slogan in English: “The modern look industries’.
It is much more than a clothing brand is the philosophy of life of its creators, with a simple concept, but absolutely distinctive edge.

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