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الاذاعة على الانترنت “Disco 90’s” will feature a decisive dance style eurodance, which is full of pure pleasure of rhythm and vibration.
رقص اوروبي, as a separate style, starts its countdown from the late 80’s when music creators joined in one house, eurodisco, hi-NRG, تكنو, سينثبوب, and also developed a two-tier system of powerful female vocals and supporting, often rapier, ذكر.
The 80s presented the disco era, but the 90s showed the world another unforgettable era of dance music, which is still up to date. Powerful rocking sound under the lights and laser shows has repeatedly forced our hearts to follow the fascination of sound and share this wonderful music with friends and associates. This is not nostalgia, it’s a dance.

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