Radio Islam Malawi

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Radio Islam Station is an Islamic religious radio station in Malawi covering Islamic issues, الرفاهية القضايا, formative issues, بستنة, natural life issues, general news, just to say a couple.

Radio Islam was dispatched on sixteenth November, 2001. Its home office is situated in the Malawi’s business city, Blantyre. The Radio is situated in Agason Building in Limbe. The studios are additionally in Limbe with ten transmitter, television on Frequency Modulation band situated in the accompanying sites,Mpingwe, Zomba, Mangochi, Namwera, Dedza, ليلونغوي, Dowa, Mzuzu, Karonga and the Lower Shire. Each of these transmitters have RF yield force of one Kilowatt that bears the sign transferred the nation over through Studio Transmission Links (STLs) and MTL microwave connections and gushing.

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