top logo is a company founded in 2009 in Canegrate (MI) منذ 2009 to present many things have changed but the commitment of the people involved that allowed us to get noticed by the City of Canegrate who believed in us and made available to a villa, our RIPmansion, which is obviously become the basis for all our employees. Currently the group consists of 30 Riplive capable staff who deal with all the tasks referred to a radio, albeit amateur, needs. Although still a young company, the organization that we have achieved is definitely our strong point that allows us to study and prepare the contents of the radio to the best. 13 active programs: السينما, موسيقى, تسلية, معلومات … on you can find everything you are looking for. Content is the core of the radio for us and that’s why we take special care in the birth and development of individual programs and the schedule of music. From rock to pop, الهيب هوب, إلكتروني, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Our schedule is in fact designed to give everyone what they want in the world of music, and is constantly updated to remain on the workpiece. is a reality that looks to the future and is a reference point for young people who want to develop their passions and their ideas. We try to always be one step ahead of everyone and are sure to be well underway!, the next step.
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Riplive ذلك راديو
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