Radio Palupi Bangka

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Radio Palupi Bangka FM 103.5 ميغاهيرتز, Mandarin Station, is outflanked from Gd. Sonora Group Bangka Jl. Tonny Wen No. 77 Pangkalpinang, Prov. Bangka Belitung, We promote infotainment; معلومات, as well as entertainment, can you get at once. The power of information that we present to listeners from various reporters in the shade Sonora Network, Kompas Gramedia, so that can be used as a guide for the people of Pangkalpinang, Bangka and surrounding areas. Strengths that also involve the listener, either from interactively sharing opinions or sharing other info. تسلية, featuring oriental music (Mandarin, Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese).

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بلد: أندونيسيا


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