Radio Aquinoise International

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Radio Aquinoise is a Webradio offering disseminate Haitian culture in all its forms. موسيقى, الأدب, theater, painting, sculpture Haiti are our guideline Radio Aquinoise. ومع ذلك, we are sensitive to issues of companies such as education, الزراعة, economy and sustainable development, إلخ …
We give ourselves the mission to enhance Haitian artists of all ages. We value their talents and continue to make known Haitian culture to the world.

Founded by a true son of Haiti, Kechemy DESTIN the aquinoise radio was born at a time when the Haitian community in France had great need to communicate.
Headquartered in Fontenay-sous-Bois in the Paris region, aquinoise radio positions itself as the radio no. 1 of Haitian culture in France.

Radio Aquinoise International

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