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For a real need of the dial in the month of October 1998 was born in the city of Santiago radio station “القيادة 88 FM”, الذي أصبح فيما بعد المشروع الأكثر نجاحا في القرن الجديد.

To choose the name on your trial through a contest, he consulted the public about what name he preferred to his new station, the following trilogy: HEAT 88 العاطفة 88 0 COMMAND 88, the latter being favored by thousands of votes . بعد الإطلاق الرسمي لها كشركة تابعة لشركة إصدار الدائرة 2000, C. لاجل. يبدأ تسلق الدرج بسرعة تحقيق # 1 ranking in the Santiago hearing, applying a Dominican-tropical format programming, COMMAND 88 today for today is one of the three leading radio stations Santiago.

القيادة 88 FM عنوان الموقع الرسمي

القيادة 88 FM
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