At KYK 95.7 الإذاعة العاشر, we discuss, we provoke, we speak! No ideas mashed or pre-chewed! Opinions sharp, sometimes hard to swallow but still relevant and reflecting the concerns of a large part of the population. A place of exchange where one is not afraid to question dominant ideas and where different opinions confront each other.
معلومات, discussions, مقابلات, debates and rock mix in a judicious mix that leaves no one indifferent. Radio X is a little like the discussion among friends, the one where we share our ideas, where we say the real business and where the term “freedom of expression” makes sense.

KYK 95.7 عنوان موقع "الإذاعة العاشر"

KYK 95.7 الإذاعة العاشر
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