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Kix 106 FM is an All Hit Music station that affectation from Peace River, ألبرتا. The divert was built up in 1997 after leeway by CRTC. Terrance Babiy has the proprietorship to the music station working with the hits and Top 40 graphs. Peace River Broadcasting which additionally had CKYL-AM at first propelled CKKX-FM at Peace River. After Approval to include an abnormal state transmitter, and a few extra transmitter at Valleyview numerous a significant greater part of utilizations was gotten from the group asking for pop/shake expansion. في 2001 the after the exchange of control of the Peace River Broadcasting the company converged with Alberta Ltd to extend its business as Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Scratch got the advantages of CKLM-FM and would put resources into the association.

Contact Info:
9807-100th Ave Bag 300 Peace River, AB T8S 1T5
هاتف: +1-866-926-1061
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KIX 106 FM
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