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106.9 FM Mauricie is a French-dialect Canadian radio station situated in Trois-Rivieres, كيبيك.
Claimed and worked by Cogeco, it communicates on 106.9 MHz utilizing a directional receiving wire with a normal compelling emanated energy of 60,000 watts and a pinnacle successful transmitted energy of 100,000 واط (class C1). The station moved to the FM band on August 20, 2007 it was beforehand heard on the AM band, في 550 kHz, with a daytime energy of 10,000 watts and an evening time energy of 5,000 watts as a class B station, utilizing a directional receiving wire with marginally unique daytime and evening directional examples keeping in mind the end goal to secure different stations on that recurrence.

Contact Info:
1350 Royal, جناح 1200 Trois-Rivieres, Quebec G9A 4J4
هاتف: +1 819-376-1069
106.9 FM Mauricie website address is
106.9 FM Mauricie
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