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Vega Radio Plus Radio Network is a regional broadcasting in Southwestern Bulgaria. The target audience and the music program is vazrast between 18 و 45 Radio Vega Plus e new radio Blagoevgrad, ساندانسكي وبتريتش! Since the autumn of 2006 with a new musical concept. The essence of the best hits from the 80s until today. منذ 2005 Radio Radio Vega Plus broadcast in Blagoevgrad at 95.5 ميغاهيرتز, in Simitli on 88.3 MHz and in Sandanski at 103.4 ميغاهيرتز. منذ 2006 – in Blagoevgrad and Petrich 95.5 إلى 91.9 Radio Vega Plus – “Unforgettable hits” Selecting a track by SMS to number 1928 (for all mobile operators): – for Blagoevgrad and Simitli message begins with the text “A6 ” – Petrich and Sandanski message begins with the text “A7”

Radio Vega Sandanski and Petrich official website address is

اذاعة فيغا ساندانسكي وبتريتش
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