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Radio Siroki Brijeg was founded on April 10, 1992. From a small radio in the early years of his life, program schemes with own production program of only a few hours a day and audible only in parts of the municipality Siroki, RSB now broadcasts 24 hours a day own program, of which up to 15 ساعات (7-22) speaking part . The program broadcasts on three different frequencies – 92.7, 93.1 و 102.3 ميغاهيرتز – with audible in the area of West, Herzegovina-Neretva and of HBC, and via the Internet (تدفق) can be heard in the whole world. The whole day program creates and implements a dozen full-time employees of journalists, managers and technicians, with the support of a handful of associates, and in the foreground are open phone-ins from listeners, reporting live and, of course, الموسيقى, the daily special broadcasts. Radio Siroki Brijeg is located in the building of the Croatian Cultural Centre, the Square, Gojko Susak, in the very center of Siroki Brijeg.

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