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Freies Radio Freistadt send out 24 hours a day out of the cinema in Freistadt –
107.1 ميغاهيرتز ل 103.1 MHz in the north and in the south of the district of Freistadt. Our plus is the regionality The program is produced almost entirely locally! Our editors and editors are people and organizations from the region. Outdoors Radio Freistadt more than 100 هواة الراديو هي المتطوعين في 56 البرامج العادية على أساس يومي, أساس أسبوعي أو شهري. بالإضافة, we accept consignments of radius 106.6 , the school radio of the high school Freistadt, and some shipments of other radios (Radio FRO Linz, Radio Orange Wien, Radio ICM Cesky Krumlov and Radio Prague) A program by and for all generations -profit, independent and ad-free. Studio and airtime we provide free of charge. ‘s regional culture channel The Free Radio Freistadt provides a large surface airtime for cultural content and themes from the same region. فن معاصر, culture and music through custom and tradition, of alternative youth culture to high culture Inform and you hear in our program in, في السيارة, at work or at home via antenna on 107.1 ميغاهرتز و 103.1 MHz or live and to be listened to Have fun with your local radio stations! Otto Tremetzberger, Managing Director and Commercial Director Harald Freudenthal, managing director and program coordinator
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راديو الحرة Freistadt
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