Originally formed by Gary in early 2014, ZZERRO 9 started life as a ambient trance project. Gary released the projects debut album STARSCAPE on their independent label, Playzure Records on the 15th September. Shortly after the release of the album Gary was joined by Zak and they instantly set about writing. Towards the finish of recording the first album Gary had already felt the style and sound of the project should change. With Zak’s input it took just a few weeks for them to settle on a new direction. They are looking for a mid February 2015 release for their next album, but will be releasing a single on the 3rd November. SNOW WHITE will be the bands first release as a duo and will mark a new beginning for the project.

With Zak adding guitar to the mix the sound is far more trance fusion than basic trance, taking elements from both trance and rock to deliver a far more in your face sound but without detracting from the trance and dance feel.

Zzerro 9 Radio official website address is zzerro9.co.za

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