105.net back on the web radio dedicated to the great repertoire of Luciano Ligabue is 105 Muzikë Star Ligabue , “frequency online” which broadcasts 24 orë 24 is on 105.net and on all smartphones thanks to APP Free Radio 105 – the masterpieces of the rocker of Correggio. The Liga vintage, the myth of today, the interviews exclusively on Radio 105, the unforgettable recordings signed “105 Night Express”, the hits, collaborations, duets, soundtracks, the memorable live and acoustic versions, and of course the songs recorded in the studio composing the masterpiece album released by singer Emilia from his official debut in 1990 to today. Borrowing the title of a recent hit, “the best is yet to come ..” ..su 105 Muzikë Star Ligabue . Get në dëgjim!

Music Star Ligabue official website address is www.105.net

Muzikë Star Ligabue
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