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Inegral Cappissima Radio is part of ariqueños homes since its inception in 1981 For about 22 years the owner-manager was Mr. Ernesto Riquelme Bazignan. sot, nga 1 Prill 2002, the company assumed ownership Communications Cappissima Limited chaired by businessman Carlos Ferry Campodónico. executive director is a journalist and university academic, José Toribio Vergara Prieto. Cappissima The radio path is exquisite experiences and successes. On Wednesday July 30, 1980, after several months of pilot testing, initiated the first official broadcast FM band in the city of Arica with callsign 16 XQA 105.1 on the dial. This ambitious project is the work then the teacher Inacap electronics, Ernesto Riquelme Basignan beside him involved businessman Freddy Marini and social communicator Tomislav Simunovic. Cappissima Radio has shaped events of significance for the city, region and country. characters of all levels and media with various styles, thoughts and actions become diffusing knowledge sources that feed the ever demanding auditors over the years, has established itself as a reliable radio, being appreciated and chosen by the audience, advertisers and critics.

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