Our Town Radio is an online radio station dedicated to providing NEPA with music from local bands and artists. Rock Our Town Radio will support any band and promoter who is putting their music out to the masses. Our Town Radio believes that the local bands in are area have the class and quality to entertain the world with their talent. But with that said, ourtownradio.net is much more than just a music site. Rock Our Town Radio are a social networking site for the local people to stay in touch with friends, Družina, find local businesses in the area, and much much more. Our Town Radio believes that sharing is caring. Rock Our Town Radio care a whole lot about our homegrown talent. Local Music deserves to reach every ear in the world. Rock Our Town Radio cannot promise that your music will receive high rotation but we promise your music will be heard and will be played on OTR! So head on over to ourtownradio.net and submit your music to OTR. By submitting your music you are allowing OTR to play it and make sure your music is heard. Rock Our Town Radio reserve the right to choose which songs go on air on OTR and which songs dont make it. Vendar 99% do!!

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