Vostok FM solar, положительный, energetic and dance station. For those who love to travel, who are interested in the different countries of the world, their culture, ethnic characteristics, traditions, cuisine and music.
Music format stations is unique and has no analogues in our country: it is a huge variety of modern popular music with oriental motifs of the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as mysterious and exciting music of Africa, Индия, the Balkans, Latin America, и т.д.. On Air Vostok FM sound artists such as Khaled, Шакира, Sevara, Таркан, Arash, Цыганские Короли, A-Studio, Mustafa Sandal and many others.
The core target audience of the station – women and men aged 25 в 35 лет.

Vostok FM website address is vostok.fm

Vostok FM
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