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In the heart of the Plateau-Haiti, Mag-Horizon Radio (101.9 FM-) is required. Located in Saut d’Eau, the happy city it makes the difference. С 19 Январь 1996, the institution is serving the people of Central and neighboring regions Department. It should be noted that Horizon Mag is out any taditionnelle Media Design which aims to consider the audience as a mere object to be manipulated in this great gladly ‘cultural enterprise of modernity’. Apart from being a Radio that: Форма, informs and entertains its listeners, it also wants to be a tool for social and cultural transformation. В настоящее время, the Directorate General of Radio working body and soul to bring you something new. Таким образом, improved regional coverage, strengthening the administrative framework and the redesign of its programing is ongoing to better serve you.

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Радио Mag Горизонт
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