Hitmix’s musical program is essentially composed of: Поп, Просмотров, 90s, 2000s, Французский & International Variety, Rnb. The years hits are between 1986 to date with thematic shows such as: Top30, Золото, 80, Дискотека, Юмор.
HITMIX is also Flash info, Спортивный, Ephemeris, Horoscope, TV program, Кино …
HITMIX Radio is not an over-the-air commercial radio that loops through the 10 hits of the moment. It’s also not endless ad pages every 15 минут. As you understand, the goal of HITMIX Radio is to share with you, discover or rediscover the artists of yesterday, сегодня, but also tomorrow.
HITMIX Radio website address is hitmix.fr

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