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Community Radio Taplejung FM 9 4 MHz Flingling 4 Vitamin Taplejung Background – Communication in Nepal is a lot of time after the rehabilitation of democracy and after the constitution of 2047. Its significance has increased significantly after the people’s movement of 2062/63. Common readers, słuchaczy, viewers, readers, słuchaczy, and readers, radio, television, and newspapers can be brought in the form of democracy and democracy. Due to the easy accessibility of the media, Kunakandra of the village has reached national and international vessels at any time. Jednak, the right use of all means of common communication is not possible in everywhere. After the national media rules made in the year 2052, FM radio stations have been operated from Kunakandra to the country after allowing the private sector to operate on electronic media. FM radio dedicated to public service has been widespread in the information of people by experiencing problems such as geographical sales, physical infrastructure, and extreme disadvantages of electricity. Local radio stations have earned a lot of popularity after finding various programs and songs in local talents and style in their own language and listening to music. Community radio has also played an important role in development. Madanpokhara VDC of Palpa Metropolitan Municipality, Palpa is using FM radio for the purpose of helping in development process. The traffic police has also opened the radio for the last time. Taplejung FM 94 MHz has been set up as community radio in Taplejung with a sense of service by observing the possibility of using the radio as a powerful medium for the interest and development of the community.

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