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Angel Radio UK gives nostalgic diversion, pertinent data and mental and physical incitement for more established individuals and anyone who appreciates the music of the 1920s through to the 1960s. In the course of recent years on air Angel Radio has gotten numerous honors for its remarkable work, including: Best Radio Station Serving Listeners in the South of England, 2014. The adjudicators of this renowned honor from the Radio Academy depicted Angel Radio as; “A station with its own interesting spot and reason, Angel Radio praises the past in a warm and comprehensive manner and is unmistakably loved inside its objective segment. With a beguiling blend of fun, sentimentality and viable help for its audience members, the station fills an extremely ground-breaking need in uniting a network and giving them a spot to have a place.”

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Buku Muka: angelhavant

Twitter: angelradiouk


Contact Number: +44 23 9248 1988

Address: 17 Market Parade PO9 1PY Havant, UK

Country: United Kingdom

Genres: /


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