Tele Radio Universal Plus (TRUP) Station implementing a well-defined operation codes “A Micro Screen at the service of humanity to build and not to destroy” This means that the management and administrative staff are also clearly a series of rules and principles to be observed with respect to codes of conduct and ethical professional journalist.

Tele Radio Universal Plus mission is to work for the development, progress and development of mankind ever time of collapse to another and continue to break through the barriers that prevent men to remain in harmony or to live in communion one in relation to the other that, for the pride and beauty of our beloved country especially our beloved city “Capois Lamort”

Tele Radio Universal Plus have only one goal: to help the human to break the deadlock and it is; because our vision is to maintain the group harmony, concord, the camaraderie, the most absolute respect while keeping the head up proud spirit respect for personality by quarantining scams theft and hatred. Stop being like other resorts, a beggar, who tarnish their personality to a lens plate.

Tele Radio Universelle Plus official website address is

Universal Tele Radio Plus
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