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Daily from 19-22 o’clock moderated evening broadcasts from different studios
Sunday from 10-17 clock continuously moderated broadcasts
Standard program:
Isnin 7-10 pm Kühbach with Christina and Reinhard
Selasa 19-22 clock Piflitz with Otto Kilger
Rabu 19-22 clock Zachenberg with Hias and Anita
Khamis 19-22 clock Meierberg with Hans and Tom
Jumaat 19-22 clock in exchange Grub/Rattenberg Hans Hofmann/Hans Stoeger
Sabtu 19-22 clock alternating Grub/Rattenberg Hans Hofmann/Hans Stoeger
Ahad 10 am-1 pm Radioprussschoppen from Rattenberg with Hans Stöger and Gang
Ahad 1-5 pm Weihmannsried with Karl Müller
Ahad 19-22 o’clock Meierberg with Hans Wildfeuer
The different broadcasting times are located to the right of the current calendar
Outside of the moderated transmission times plays the electrical moderator
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