Victor Dawson dealt with Fayetteville’s first radio station for his dad John Gilbert Dawson. À 1940, WFNC marked on with 250 watts at 1420 AM. On March 29, 1941, the recurrence changed to 1450 AM.

WFNC was a Mutual Broadcasting System member. Later WFNC turned into a CBS Radio News member and proceeds with CBS to the present time.

The recurrence changed in 1947 à 940 AM (KHz) with a force of 50,000 watts daytime and 1000 watts evening directional reception apparatus, and at 7:45 AM EST on Wednesday, Janvier 15, 1986, Chief Engineer Terry Jordan tossed the switch and WFNC changed to 640 AM(KHz) with a force of 10,000 watts daytime and an evening force of 1000 watts nondirectional radio wire.

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