Maximusic 99.4 “Every time Most Songs”
En Diciembre 2, 2013 Istanbul is unique and impossible to imitate met with a new radio concept.
Maximusic 99.4 To determine whether a radio’s how it should be held in Istanbul by an international research firm emerged as a result of a comprehensive study.
Maximusic 99.4 ‘ta long-winded, DJs do not cut half of your favorite songs. Less talk, more music. Istanbul’s rhythm and music that reflects the lifestyle there.
“Every time Most songs with the slogan” Maximusic Launched! 99.4 to date from the 90th and Turkish, and foreign popular songs are played. Tarkan, Granate 5, Shakira, Sertab Erener, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Maximusic heavenly! 99.4 singers you can listen to just some of the …
Maximusic 99.4, in Istanbul to be the number one choice of the radio is playing music.
Maximusic 99.4, in Istanbul from 99.4 FM frequency is not transmitted by satellite, telephone and internet applications can relax.
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Maximusic 99.4
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