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Radio Cielo FM 100.3MHz, is located on the street No. 621 petorquita Hijuelas commune, on the premises of the rural elementary school “Monica Hurtado Edwards”. Our School Radio is nonprofit, within which we present local, national and international information. We also have the latest technology in automation software and professional recording equipment and editing. Transmisiones 24 horas, where we include the most varied program of music. As for music, the main axis of FM Heaven is focused on the 70, 80, 90 y 2000, con 80% of its programming Anglo and 20% Latino. Our radio is aimed at young-adult men and women between 20 y 45 years of low socioeconomic status, high and medium high AB-C1, C2, C3. From the point of view of content, we have several and varied firmware called “microcontent” magazines in addition to programs that address different topics of information and entertainment scenarios of general interest. We also include a positive message and the success of national and international standing.

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